Wednesday & Friday 6:00pm to 7:00 pm Kids Class FREE for 18 and under from 7:00 to 9:00pm Adults Class $10.00 per


Required sneakers, T-Shirt and loose fitting clothes please NO sandals, shorts or tank tops


Classes taught by Curtis Pierre student of Mestre Cobra Mansa of Salvador, Bahia


  • At the N.O.R.D Annunciation Center 800 RACE street magazine and Tchoupitoulas Street) in the up town river side.

    For more info call 504-236-7479

Lyons Memorial Center, near 624 Louisiana Ave, New Orleans, LA
Tel: 504-236-7479

Welcome to Our Capoeira Classes !


   The first principal of Capoeira is to avoid aggression and conflict. Capoeira is a passive martial art and teaches one to control ones emotions at all times. It is taught in playful /partnership form and avoid contact key to learning Capoeira is balance between mind and body.  To prepare for these physical demands, students must learn basic flexibility and turning exercises stretching movements and maneuvers, "the Ginga" moving stance, basic kicks, self awareness and proper breathing techniques.  The Capoeira require the athlete to have complete control of his body and mind to obtain complete self-control. These exercises form the foundation of the art.  From these basic movements the students begins to learn more advanced techniques like back bends, cartwheels, and handstands.  Students will also learn the traditional songs and be introduced to the various instruments that accompany the martial art of Capoeira Angola.